Anonymous asked: do you love me

a-anon sempai!! this is so sudden!! h-how can you ask us this so openly?!


Commission - A pair of Cyclops girls for Cindy :).

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Anonymous asked: so what is the new monster high episode about?

I wish I could tell you, but we haven’t seen any recently. Funds are low and we’re moving, so dolls are on the backburner at the moment.

ave-voluptatis-carnis-deactivat asked: Hey, I have a Jackson Jekyll Gloom beach doll and I was wanting to re-style his hair. But it's got some sort of gel in it? I can't really do much with his hair because of whatever is in it. If there is a safe way to wash it out, how would I do it? I've heard just hot water but I don't want to ruin him.

Hey there,

If you’re leery of hot water, which is understandable given the great glue leaking debacle, see if you can’t find a metal eyelash comb or, hilariously, a metal flea comb (unused, of course). Anything metal and fine-toothed, really. In my experience, plastic fine-toothed combs just bend and tangle. But be careful when using a metal comb so you don’t rip the hair. You might want to mist it with tepid water to make it easier to work through, always start at the ends, and detangle with your fingers as much as possible.

Anonymous asked: it is not fucking it is beautyful can i see the hole entire piture?

What are you talking about.

Commission - Robecca for Erica by Retrograde Works

Basic Monster High Robecca Steam repainted. She's been given a less cartoony faceup, with gears for irises, and she's wearing a shiny silver dress with long sleeves. By Retrograde Works.

Anonymous asked: come back we miss you :C

sorry, perfect storm of IRL stuff going down has got both your mods down for the count. we’ll get the queue up and running soon.

a few housekeeping notes

  • we have been slacking on captions and we know it, we’ve both managed to get sick and busy at the same time. we’re going to try to go through the backlog soon and add captions to old posts and resume embedding them in new ones or otherwise adding them beneath, depending on the picture size. apologies for the recent lack of accessibility.
  • we’re gonna put together an FAQ, cuz we noticed we get a lot of similar questions, particularly on which non-brand clothes fit monster high dolls, what materials to use in modding, what customizers we recommend, where to inexpensively buy the dolls, how to accomplish certain modifications, where to find tutorials, etc. etc. i’m not sure when it’ll be up since we have to go through the whole blog to gather links and such but we’ll let you know when it is.
  • further asks on how it is omg so wrong and scandalous for 15-year-olds to wear short skirts will be deleted. instantly. especially if they’re anonymous. especially if the poster is trying to make ridiculous false equivalencies along the lines of how saying “it is wrong for a mother to slut-shame her child or otherwise hold them responsible for their own slut-shaming at the hands of society” is, in effect, somehow, slut-shaming the mother, or just as bad as? yeah, no. delusional nonsense of that caliber has no place on this blog. take it to your own space.
  • another block of customs is on the way! we’re going to slow down and stagger the queue so it’s a bit more regular.
  • since i am finally on the mend, the ball is rolling again on custom shoes and the like. just have to get my workspace set up and then i’ll have more info for you shortly. and hopefully a proper etsy shop!
#mod note  

cockmcstuffins asked: Okay, your opinion post about the dolls and slut-shaming was incredibly brilliant. I even forwarded a link of it to one of my teachers who I've been having a continuous debate over the idea of sexualized dolls with, specifically in Monster High. Please continue to be great, please and thank you.

Aww, thank you very much! I’m glad the post resonated with you. idk if my yelling and swearing will get through to your teacher anymore than you have already managed, though, but here’s hoping. :D